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Linda Barrett

Linda Barrett

Linda Barrett

Starting Over ~ CELEBRATE!

CELEBRATE!  — A five story anthology plus a novella of holiday stories from six award-winning authors, all members of On Fire Fiction.  file0001398207570

The celebration continues with my friend and guest author for today: ROGENNA BREWER.  I’ve known Rogenna for a long time. We go back to our early days in the business, writing Superromance for Harlequin Books. So I can tell you with assurance that Rogenna is a great author with a very interesting background.

How interesting, you ask?

In her own words:  “From a Navy Vet to romance novelist. Not just a job, thirteen years of Navy SEAL research.”

Well, somebody had to research those SEALS! Rogenna served in the U.S. Navy for thirteen years before turning her hand to writing. Oops…I skipped a step or two. While in the Navy she served in the Chaplain’s office where her duties included operating the base library. Which once again proves that all writers start out as readers!Rogenna Brewer

She also met and married her husband while serving her country.  As she says, “The best part was that brief period of time when I outranked him.”   (Hey, makes perfect sense to me 🙂

As for the holiday she’s chosen to celebrate in the anthology…?  I bet you can guess, but here’s what she says:

4th of July seemed like the most natural backdrop for my military romance. Opposing forces, Navy Chaplain Lindsey Alexander and aircraft carrier Captain Doug Reese, deny the sparks of the May/December…er…September romance (nineteen years isn’t THAT big of an age difference) until the fireworks start to fly.”

STORY TITLE:  One Star Spangled Night

FIRST LINES:  Hat in hand, he stood in her office doorway. From spit shined shoes, up military creases, to the eagles pinned on khaki collar points, he commanded attention. The rank of captain gave him the authority to demand it. 

First line discussion:  I feel some conflict coming on.  Who is this guy in her office? Why is he there?  I have a feeling she wasn’t expecting him.

Rogenna’s book, ONE NIGHT IN RENO, (Navy SEAL, anyone?) is also available now.  How about that adorable cover?  I love it.


Check out Rogenna’s books and cover designs  (yes, this woman has conquered a THIRD career) at:  www.rogennabrewer.com.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.  You’ll meet the author of the stand-alone novella at the next edition of Starting Over.  Hope to see you then.




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Starting Over – CELEBRATE!!

CELEBRATE! holiday stories with the authors of On Fire Fiction–


This month I’m joined by five other authors with Fingers on their Keyboards. Those fingers have been tapping away, helping their creators bring you brand new, never before published stories. Together, my friends and I have given birth–definitely a labor of love–to an anthology of holiday stories plus one stand-alone holiday novella. We’re celebrating holidays throughout the year – winter, spring, summer and fall.

We’re glad you book lovers are here to join the fun. We’ve got first lines–and you know all about that now if you read last week’s blog– and some interesting background info to share. When you combine romance, family and happy endings….what’s not to like?

Karen SandlerFirst up is KAREN SANDLER who describes herself as a genre conflicted writer. She’s interested in so much–romance, mystery, sci-fi, young adult, and horses (definitely horses) –and she’s so good! She’s published 17 romances, a young adult science fiction series, and the soon to be released Janelle Watkins mystery series. Poor Karen. She can’t make a decision.

But wait! I’m wrong. She did make the decision to select Hanukkah as her story’s background. And speaking of backgrounds, here’s a bit of Karen’s and why she chose the holiday she did:

Karen says:

When the idea of a holiday anthology was first presented, I knew I wanted to do Hanukkah. I have very fond memories of celebrating Hanukkah when my boys were young. Although my father was Jewish (as was my maternal great-grandmother), it wasn’t until I married my Jewish husband that we started celebrating the holidays.

Of course, Hanukkah was the boys’ favorite. The loved lighting the candles and saying the prayer. They both wanted to do the last night so they could light all eight candles. We started trading off with them each year so they could get an equal chance of saying the prayer on the last night.

The teddy bears described in the story were an actual prizes my younger son won at one of the community Hanukkah parties we attended. He apparently has one left of the two from that night and my grandbaby plays with it now.

Linda interrupts – Readers!  Do you see the makings of a family story here? From generation to generation?  This is what we’ve talked about and shared examples of recently.

I’ve asked all the authors participating in the anthology to submit the title and first line of their stories.  Here’s more about Karen Sandler’s story:

Title:   The Eighth Gift

First Line:  As Sarah Meyer watched the Greenville County sheriff’s deputy tap on the screen of his iPad, she hugged herself to stave off her fear. 

Now I want to know what Sarah was afraid of…a ticket? Or something more?  And could the deputy be her love interest?  I am a nosy reader, and I bet you are, too.

Karen’s book, TILL THE STARS FADE is also available now.  The genre? Science Fiction Romance!  The reviews are awesome. Here’s one from RT Book Reviews:  “it was action packed, fast paced and most definitely a page-turner.”   And another: “This book has something for readers of both genres. The writing is exceptional…Good job, Ms. Sandler.”  From: Under the Covers.




 Check out Karen’s website at:  www.karensandler.net





As always, thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed meeting Karen and hearing about her story for the holiday anthology. You’ll meet another contributing author at the next edition of Starting Over. Hope to see you then.





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