The Flying Solo Series

– single parents, second chances and the power of love...

A Flying Solo Novel - Book 1: Summer at the Lake is FREE!!

Summer at the Lake

Houseful of Strangers

Quarterback Daddy

The Apple Orchard

Starting Over…with Flying Solo… stories of single parents, second chances, and the power of love…

Starting over is a favorite theme of mine. It resonates of new beginnings--new people, places, hopes and dreams. We’re all examples of that to some degree. If we start a new job, we’re starting over in one part of our lives. Some people have the luxury of choosing a new road, while others are thrust onto it, hurting and fearful, but determined.

These determined ones are the heroes and heroines in the Flying Solo series. I am in awe of how much responsibility and conflict a single parent must handle--juggling time, jobs, illnesses and their children’s needs. The children, after all, must come first. But what about the parents’ needs?

Stories are born because a writer gets curious. They’re born to quell a writer’s fear. What would I do if….?  My curiosity gave birth to the award-winning four stories in the Flying Solo series where single moms and single dads get equal billing!  By the way, the stories may be read in any order, but only Summer at the Lake (Book 1) is free!  So grab a copy, settle in and enjoy!

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