Hopefully Ever After
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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Early detection is key. Education is key. So for the entire month of October – all the way to Halloween on the 31st – the story of my journey to defeat breast cancer will be available for only 99 cents at all e-book venues. It’s also available in print.

As it turned out, the last page of the memoir really wasn’t the end of my story. Click here to read What Came Next…. I believe that everyone deserves a Hopefully Ever After, and that’s what you’ll find here.

Family Interrupted


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Enjoy American holidays around the year as Linda and four other best-selling authors celebrate romance, family and second chances.

Man of the House by Linda Barrett
One Star Spangled Night by Rogenna Brewer
Love With All the Trimmings by Barbara McMahon
The Eighth Gift by Karen Sandler
My Christmas Angel by Debra Salonen

FIVE beautiful stories for only 99 cents!
(Read an excerpt of Linda’s story)

Family Interrupted

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Man of the House is also available as a bonus story at the back of Family Interrupted.


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Starting Over

It’s been one year since I re-started my writing career, updated the website and published new books. It’s not that I stopped writing. I can’t even imagine NOT sitting at the computer. Sometimes, however, real life intervenes with our best laid plans. A second bout of breast cancer and all the life-saving treatments—oy vey!  A thousand mile move from Texas to Florida. And perhaps, most significant, entering the new world of indie publishing with so much to learn! All these activities took huge amounts of time and energy. I learned that writing my blog twice a week was too big a challenge while trying to develop new books, so after eight months and over sixty essays, I took a break. I’m hoping to restart the blog on a more casual basis.  My newsletter is sent out several times a year. Please  sign up for it and keep abreast of what’s going on in Linda’s world.

I’m starting over because we all deserve second chances.

All the best,

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